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A New School Year

 As we begin a new school year we pause to give thanks that our children experienced a safe and fun filled summer.  Undoubtedly some parent had challenges getting their charges ready for the new school year. The children were most eager to begin the new school year for different reasons from reuniting with friends,  to wearing that new outfit and getting a head start on the new challenges that come with being in a new grade.

As our children embark on this new learning adventure we ask that parents not only be there to provide the material things but always encourage and support them. Creating fun learning experiences will not only help your child remember the basics of a topic but demonstrate your interest in them excelling at school.  There are several way you can be a part of your child’s schooling experiences:

1). Meet your child's teacher- As soon as the school year starts, try to find a way to meet your child's teacher. Let the teacher know you want to help your child learn. Make it clear that you want the teacher to contact you if any problems develop with your child.

2). Attend parent teacher conferences – at various intervals schools will organize general PTA or one on one meetings. These are great opportunities to get some insight into your child’s life at school and how they are managing different concepts. Feel free to discuss behavioral, academic or social concerns that may arise

3). Make sure that your child gets homework done - Let your child know that you think education is important and that homework needs to be done each day. You can help your child with homework by setting aside a special place to study, establishing a regular time for homework, and removing distractions such as the television and social phone calls during homework time.

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