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Boy's Into Men

Boys Group
Good men are not born. They are built, shaped and molded during their childhood and adolescent years by the adults in their lives. The most important factor of whether a boy will thrive or struggle during his teenage years is determined by the quality of the role models in his life. The most at risk boys have the most dysfunctional role models. 

The Boys-into-Men empowerment program is a initiative  of NEET, located at Traveller’s Beach Resort. This is a powerful youth leadership program designed to empower and develop confidence, motivation, and build supportive and positive relationships.
Teen boys will have the opportunity to explore skills such as carving, public speaking and volunteer to appreciate giving back to their community. The program will also give these teens the opportunity to have positive role models in their lives.

These boys will not be taking notes, sitting in desks, listening to long boring speeches. Nope, from the moment they arrive they will EXPERIENCE and PARTICIPATE in every activity.  They make choices in their life, every day. What time they should wake up? What they wear? Breakfast? Classes they will take? And as they get older there is more… Career? Partner? Kids? Making choices, communicating and having self-confidence to make things happen does not always come easily. We know we can be a better version of ourselves… but the question is how?

They will discover:

·         Empowerment

·         Confidence

·         Motivation

·         Resiliency

·         Trust

·         And building supportive and positive relationships


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