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Message from the Chairman

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To all organizations and people of goodwill who have not only supported our cause but have been working to better the lives of our citizens, my sincerest thanks. I use this medium to speak on the importance of service and volunteering to the communities and individuals we help.

Volunteers have great impact on the health and well-being of communities worldwide, by delivering critical services to those in need. They educate and help to keep our communities clean and safe. Many volunteers tutor, mentor, support and coach young people with anything from math to dealing with personal crises. We work with the youths in our program to develop an appreciation for volunteerism. 

We would like to highlight and name a few individuals who have been partnering with us over the years. Dennis Shipping, Help Jamaica Medical Mission, Dr Durrah and her invaluable team at the Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic, David Stairs, Gary Robinson and Cornerstone Jamaica, Great Shape, The Rotary Clubs, Andrew Dixon Foundation and the Westender Inn. 

As we launch 4th Installment of the Tablet Programme we will invite fifty new inductees to benefit from this program. It is our aim to donate another 100 tablet this year that we hope will change their lives for the better. We look forward to assisting our children become more well-rounded individuals by partnering with organizations we will introduce Boy Scouts and engage with the Negril Police Youth Club and other service based organizations.  


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