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Teach the Teachers

During August 2-12, Great Shape hosted their highly anticipated Teach the Teachers workshop at the Godfrey Stewart High School. The workshop addressed disciplines such as Literacy, Behavioral Management and Information Technology. Five members from the NEET committee were privileged to be a part of this informative workshop. Information Technology boasted a team of highly trained teachers and field experts that worked amazingly well together. Attendees were familiarized with the  google apps, proper typing techniques and protection from malware, for those who wished to go further,programming and repairs. Notably, all disciplines were catered to on a grade level basis thus teachers were able to tailor lesson based on their students. classes were a great resources to participants with so many ideas coming together most were eager to engage pupils. For the most this workshop reminded us why we became teachers and gave us a feeling reminiscent of when we left university.

Thank you to the Great Shape Team, the sponsors and volunteers that came together to make this a great event. We certainly enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to next year. Great Shape team have several upcoming projects upcoming and we invite you to join them as they labor in love for the betterment of our country. 


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