Our Mission

The Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) is a non-profit organization based at Travellers Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica. In 2003 the organization was founded to address the country’s need for educational support and resources. Since its inception, NEET mission and vision have grown. Today, NEET is committed to strengthening the social fabric of Jamaica through programs that expand educational access for children and adults, partnerships that address our public and environmental health, and events and activities that celebrate Jamaica’s rich heritage. NEET achieves its mission through the provision of three programs, Island-wide Book & Computer Distribution, Computer Literacy, and the Medical Mission. to implement the program. The program, founded by Tina Perry has been implemented into New York City school systems and for the first time Jamaica. The program forces students to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. Twelve schools have been chosen to start out with. Once these schools are successful in implementing the program N.E.E.T intends to open the program to other schools in Jamaica that qualify.
Future Leaders of Jamaica

Our Programs

Buy A Brick Campaign

The buy a brick campaign began a few years ago as part of “Soul Rebellion”. An event in which spring breakers interact with the community as part of a cultural exchange. During this time spring breakers purchased bricks that went towards building a library and toilets at St. Pauls Primary School. N.E.E.T now intends to continue building libraries throughout each school year for schools experiencing similar conditions as St. Pauls. The buy a brick program assisted in building a canteen for Ferris Primary School. We intend to make this a year round campaign.

Computer Literacy Program

N.E.E.T’s very popular computer literacy program seeks to develop the computer skills of adults and children. N.E.E.T’s Adult Computer Literacy Program (ACLP) seeks to develop the computer skills of individuals who are out of school and wish to develop their skills in this area. In partnership with Peace Corps/Jamaica and the Theodora Project, ACLP has worked with many local residents of Westmoreland to increase their proficiency with using Microsoft Office programs. Such skill sets continue to be sought after in the business community. By providing computer literacy trainings to local residents. In those who have achieved computer training include police, teachers, and members of society who are at risk. Each graduate receives a computer to take home installed with the bible, national anthem, and the national pledge. N.E.E.T’s commitment will yield a more competitive workforce for the Jamaican public.

Medical Mission

The Caribbean Medical Mission is an intricate part of our organization that comes to Jamaica once a year to give free medical checkups and medicine. In 2008, at the opening of St. Pauls Library, the mission gave free medical attention and medicine to parents, children, and teachers.