Disney Trip

Every year the top students from our tablet program get to go on our Disney trip. This trip is aimed at expanding the minds of students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to travel outside of Jamaica. Students also tour the University of Central Florida while on the trip. Through sponsorships from our supporters we’re able to help pay for their airfare, accommodations and meals.

Disney trip 2019

We had another great set of top performing students on our annual trip to Disney. The students also had the opportunity to visit the University of Central Florida which was an eye opening experience.

Disney Trip 2017

Nine of our students were selected to go to Disney world for our first annual trip. Every year we select students who meet certain criteria to go on the trip. The trip is designed to give students an opportunity that many of them would otherwise not have and to open their minds to what is possible. This is both a fun trip and an educational one. The Epcot Center, one of Disney’s theme parks depicts the possibilities of the human mind through showcasing technological innovation and world culture.